What is hairline optimizer?

Fully hairline optimizer is used together with hair fiber. It can help shape better hairline and avoid the falling of fibers. We’re also the patent owner of this product, patent number is:201230143257.9.

How to use this product?

When customers shake hair fiber, put hairline optimzier near your forehead, or any where you’d like the fibers to apply.It will help the forehand hair line or side hair line looks more natural.

What services we provide for this product?

We can provide customers two kinds of services:

1. OEM private label: we will help you on both design and manufacturing to shaoe a high quality brand.
2. Fully brand: it is the quality and design represent of us, it is available to be distributed.


Fully hairline optimizer is our patent product (Patent No.201330143257.9), even if you are interested in it very much, please do not copy, you can contact us for providing you OEM service, this is legal and can sage your time and money.