What is FULLY Hair Magic Treasure:

FULLY Hair Magic Treasure is made of natural plant formula. Concentrating varieties kinds of plant essences and providing plenty of necessary nutritions for healthy hair, FULLY Hair Magic Treasure is an essential product for hair care. It does not contain Alcohol, Essence, Colophony nor other harmful substances, it is the safest and perfect hair care product. Simply spray it directly on hair, it penetrates to the hair root instantly and nourish the pores and scalp. Giving out elegant fragrances of Ginseng, your hair will be clear, non-oily and non-sticky to dusty.

Why the FULLY Hair Magic Treasure is superior to the average Fixing Spray?

As we know, if one person is using Hair Building Fibers, his/her hair must be at a thinning situation, for this kind of people, his/her hair is weak. Average Fixing Spray usually made of Water, Alcohol, Essence and Colophony, these substances can fix hair firmly, but if he/she keep using for a long time, his/her hair will become dry and fragile, therefore, the hair thinning problem will become worse.

FULLY is a responsible company, we care much about customer’s use experience about our products. FULLY Hair Magic Treasure is different from the average Fixing Spray. It is made of 100% natural plant formula, and it does not contain Alcohol, Essence nor Colophony. It can not only providing plenty of necessary nutrition to hair root, improve hair fundamentally, keep hair moisture, repair damaged hair and make hair re-growth, but also can lock the hair in place. It is an essential, the safest and perfect hair care.


Deionized water, Ginger, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe, Rosemary, Rosewood, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Nutmeg and Lavender.


Spray FULLY hair magic treasure directly on the hair, no need to rinse with water.


Can be used together with other hair care products, but do not mix two products together before using. No oral. If contact with eyes, please rinse with water immediately.

Available service:

  1. FULLY brand stock
  2. OEM with your private label