What is Fully Hair Spray Applicator?

Fully hair spray applicator is the accessory to help better use of hair fiber.For some customers with baldness spots, thinning hairline or small thinning hair area, it will be very appropriate to use this matching product to spray fibers there. Because of it the fibers can be applied more precisely so the whole hair look will be fuller and more natural.

How to use Fully Hair Spray Applicator?

Our Fully hair spray applicator is applicable for our Fully moisture-proof containers.Here are a few steps to use it:

1.Unscrew and remove the cap of the bottles;
2.Screw the Fully spray applicator onto the bottle after remove the sifter;
3.Gently press the top of the applicator so to spray fibers out;

The main structure of our hair spray applicator:

The main services of our hair spray applicator:

We can provide customers two services for this product. One is OEM,while the other is Fully brand.

1. OEM: this is the main service of us,we not only help you on producing, but also will help you on design.
2. Fully brand: This is our own brand,all in black color, it is the quality represent.


Fully spray applicator is our patent product (Patent No.:201220092612.4).Even if you are interested in it very much, please do not copy, you can contact us for providing you OEM service, this is legal and can sage your time and money.